Round Them Up, Kick Them Out

A nation is only as strong as its borders and the Mike Pence plans on a strong America. We will:

  • Build a 100-foot high of silica fume concrete with a compression strength of 18,000 psi.
  • It will have an internal skeletal structure of Inconel (an alloy of austenite, nickel, and chromium)
  • It will have heat, motion, biological and radioactive sensors embedded every 300 feet
  • It will have a set of double-coil concertina wire fields 30 yards to either side
  • Every 300 feet will be a 500@ Halogen floodlamp
  • Every 300 feet will be a 5.56 millimeter automated gun and warning siren with voice over in Spanish
  • The exterior of the wall will have a steel grid with sensor activated capacitors capable of generating a 2450 volt for 15-20 seconds
  • Quad-motor drones armed with 64-72 Ip/mm resolution 40-degree FOV Night-Vision / Thermal imaging with f/1.2 27mm lens will patrol the area, able to alert human operators
  • Metal beams will sink 30 feet into the earth with dig-sensors

Once Border Security Is Assured

I.C.E. will create an Illegal Extraction department organized into 300 teams country wide. These teams will be authorized to inspect any citizen whom they have reason to believe may be an legal and, if there are questions, detain them at authorized locations (the ICE IE Team will coordinate with Walmart stores to create holding facilities). 

Special judges will quickly and efficiently oversee cases and illegals will be removed effectively using an automatic ferry-boat system and holding pens on the Gulf of Mexico.

We will purge the trespassers from our nation and send with them their disease, crime, and stolen American jobs!